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House Cleaning Services customized to your needs based on three things:

  • Your cleaning priorties
  • Your desired frequency of cleaning
  • Your budget

With over 10 years and 1000’s of house cleans under our cleaning belts, we have all the necessary know how to deliver the cleanest, freshest, and most inviting home for you and your families so that you can spend time doing what matters most to you.

Your 100% Satisfaction is Our Guarantee!

Decide What You Want Cleaned

Maybe you just want your kitchen and bathrooms cleaned; maybe you want just the top two floors and not the basement cleaned; maybe you want it all cleaned, dusted, vacuumed, washed, and so on!

You can select from our detailed Standard House Cleaning Services and/or you can select our Additional House Cleaning Services more specifically catered to your unique requests – as long as its legal 🙂 .

You tell us what you would like us to clean and we’ll  do it!

Decide The Frequency That You Want Your House Cleaned

Weekly, biweekly, monthly, one time appointments, special occasion, or seasonal house cleaning services – spring, summer, fall, and even winter are your options.

You choose the frequency of your house cleaning services!

Decide What Your Budget Is

With today’s financial pressures on everyone’s mind, you can let us know what budget you have in mind for your house cleaning services.  Together with what you would like done, we will let you know what is possible with your budget and carry on from there.

Sometimes, that means that instead of cleaning everything on every visit, we will clean certain things on one visit, and other things on another visit so that at the end of the day, you are happy and satisfied that you received valuable house cleaning services within your budget.

We move forward with your approval!

Can You Find These House Cleaning Services Anywhere?

No!  We pride ourselves on customizing house cleaning services to fit your priorities, desired frequency, and budget.

With over 10 years and 1000’s of house cleans under our cleaning belts, you can be rest assured that we deliver valuable, timely, and cost effective house cleaning services to meet your requests.

We look forward to welcoming you in to your clean home!

What Customers Think About Our House Cleaning Services

I wanted to say a special Thank you to Vinnie’s European Cleaning crew.

You have been cleaning my house for two years now.

I am always very pleased with your service. I find the girls always very pleasant and they always go out of their way to ensure every area is cleaned.

They are reliable, fast, efficient, and handle everything in a very professional manor.

With my indoor cats I never have to worry. One time I needed a piece of furniture moved and they even looked after that.

I always look forward to coming home to a super clean house.

Once again, thank you Vinnie and staff!

Lisa Montemarano
My husband and I are empty nesters living in a large home in Burlington, Ontario and my home is cleaned by Vinnie’s European Cleaning.

I am very pleased with how well the ladies clean my home and how they take the time to make sure it is done properly.

They even clean things I do not ask for at times if they see it needs it. The ladies go beyond what is called for.

They have always been punctual and the ladies are very friendly, courteous and conscious of what needs to be done.

What I really like is that the same 2 ladies come all the time and this way they get to know you and your home and what you like to have done.

I would highly recommend Vinnie’s European Cleaning to anyone.

Thank you ladies for putting the “Sparkle” in my home!

Marlene Stephan-Pinard

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Customized House Cleaning Services

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